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How to Approach Personal Branding When You Are Uncomfortable Promoting Yourself

Waller & Company Personal Branding Consulting Washington, DC
Personal branding is sharing and marketing your own package of knowledge, skills, and passions with the purpose of setting yourself apart from other job applicants, colleagues, competition, etc. However, there are several people that have insecurities about promoting themselves or their accomplishments to others. Although they want to be acknowledged because of their efforts, they don’t feel relaxed publicly sharing their endeavors.

While speaking at a Women Opening Doors for Women (WODW) event: How to Build Your own Brand Like Beyoncé, I encountered a little daughter professional who is facing a similar dilemma. She explained that she loves helping her colleagues, and wants to be known as someone that is great at assisting others. However, she doesn’t feel relaxed taking credit or getting others to give her any credit on her work. It's nice to consider that people will simply see the awesome and significant items you are doing, however with the constant amount of personal and digital distractions that individuals receive on a daily basis this is not the case. Therefore, we should instead step outside of our safe place and share your own brand without coming across as obnoxious, narcissist, and annoying. Here are 3 steps that will help you feel more confident about promoting your own personal brand:

1. Know your own purpose

Is your purpose to show people, share new ideas, or inspire people? Your own personal purpose will influence the method that you should engage your individual brand with others. This lets you speak to your personal brand’s purpose and never feel like you just talking about yourself.

2. Know Thyself

Knowing just who you are will help you share your most authentic and honest self. Ask yourself the next: What are your core values and ethics? How will you view the world? Who you want to become? Also concentrate on how you can leverage your own SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) to raised yourself, help others, and earn an impact.

3. Share your own personal story

I’m sure that the lady who shared her story at the event was not on your own in the room with this dilemma. Many more probably felt much the same way but did not have the courage to express it in a public setting. The same came be said for many things that people experience, which explains why we can appreciate it if somebody steps out and shares their story. You can take shape a following in real life and internet based by allowing others the opportunity to hear and relate to your story.

To sum things up: this uncomfortable a sense promoting yourself is quite normal. In fact, I rarely encounter those who are enthused about sharing their personal story, i.e. past tribulations, accomplishments, and/or future goals. Most people would like for their try to speak for itself, unfortunately we cannot always depend on such things to happen without the communication efforts. Personal branding, when used correctly, is a vital tool for sharing new ideas, promoting business, campaigning, fundraising, networking, and/or, on the much larger scale, changing the entire world.

Waller & Company offers entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, and public figures the tools they need create and promote an experienced and consistent personal brand. Few companies offer a full-complement of non-public branding services required to guide you through all phases of one's professional life-cycle. We help clients in different stages of their personal brand: development, growth, and recovery. As a result, services are broken into three categories: presence online strategy, public relations, and crisis management. Our personalized services turn out to be an invaluable resource and provide a unique competitive advantage to our clients. Waller & Company Personal Branding Consulting Washington, DC

Post by branding62s (2015-12-24 13:17)

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